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Derbyshire Wildlife TrustIn her private life, Shirley is very interested in animals, working voluntarily as a supporter of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust being involved in organising the local group as well as being a trustee.


Her love of animals extends to dogs including for her own border collie, Kasper who was a rescue dog.

She has enjoyed training Kasper doing agility, as well as various other activities to keep his active mind focussed and in good behaviour. Shirley has attended various dog clubs with Kasper to learn these skills and meet with their many friends.


Helen, Fun 4 All Dog Club

Helen - Fun 4 All Dog Club. Helen has become a local personality through her articles in the 'Your Dog' Magazine, and now other local publications. She runs a dog walking/boarding service in her home called 'Mutlins' and a highly successful club where dogs and owners can relax and enjoy doing agility, flyball and rally-o.


Kim Hunt

Kim - Kim Hunt. When we first owned Kasper he was a handful, and we used her as a pet behaviourist. She is highly qualified and works with owners and all types of domestic animals to re-train them together! She is so reassuring and also was the one who introduced us to agility.


Being a keen and active person Shirley enjoys walking in the countryside; this she finds is ideal for spending time with her husband, friends and of course Kasper.

There is also an adventurous side to her personality; she did a tandem sky-dive to raise money for under-priveleged animals, raising £600 which was split between several different deserving causes.

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