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If you have a particularly heavy workload due to the large number of applicants that you are experiencing currently, then you would probably welcome someone who could produce a limited number of applicants who are apparently skilled for the position?

We can advise you on the most appropriate route to achieve this, or could handle the whole assignment for you, providing you with evidence of impartiality (now required due to equal opportunity monitoring).

Costs provided could include advertising or more economic routes via social networking sites.

Extra support is available in producing:-

  • Job Descriptions,
  • Role Profiles,
  • Person Specifications

We are prepared to also work on a dailyrate basis if you are doing large recruitment campaigns and need an extra interviewer to work with you.

We have recruited at all levels from high level managers of all disciplines, as well as sales, engineers/technical, supervisory and warehouse/logistics, blue collar employees as well as customer care and admin. staff.


Shirley has extensive experience in dealing with either individually selected individuals or groups of people who have had to be made redundant. This has included several closures. She is noted for the sensitive manner in which this is done, ensuring that the company meets it's requirements but the employees are treated respectfully and given assistance for the future.

She has an in-depth understanding of the law in this area, and this has also helped in re-structuring departments.

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