Coaching Recruitment Change Management


Shirley can create surveys which help identify where some type of 'interventions' may be required for your staff. She has experience of introducing engagement strategies, and therefore enabling culture change to take place in the way which is appropriate for your business. This could incorporate improved systems of communication, including jcc's or team briefs, or other forums.

Shirley HR has experience of designing appropriate forums for companies, which enable a good flow of communication to take place, which in turn creates more Engagement within the workplace.

Also supervisors/managers can be trained in delivering team briefs and 'toolbox talks' and we can design how these might work within your organisation.

These are not exclusive communication tools, and there are a variety of others which are tried and tested, and some which are quite fresh and novel.

Joint Consultative Committees

As part of this, she has experience of creating Joint Consultation Committees and writing their constitutions.

These can then be introduced into your company in either a unionised or non-unionised environment.

The formality these agreements contain underpin the standards and help to reduce disputes.

Team Briefs

Though this is a system which covers everyone face-to-face rather than a committee, it still needs structure and 'buy-in' to work effectively. The protocols can be designed and the business has knowledge of some of the common pitfalls, which can minimise errors from preventing this working effectively within your organisation.

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