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Due to the current economic climate, it is imperative that employers select the right employee, to avoid unnecessary cost, and Shirley HR can help with this time consuming and onerous process.

These can be designed specially for your role/company and used for the purpose of recruitment or development, and for a number of roles e.g. graduates, sales executives, team leaders or senior/executive appointments.

The key to this is in identifying specifically what competencies and skills the role requires, and to incorporate suitable exercises into the assessment centre which would display this to the assessors. Using a mixture of exercises is always a surefire way of testing the key skills out thoroughly and measuring by scoring objectively.

We are able to design exercises in a bespoke way - such as a case study (can provide past examples used) or utilise existing exercises, or incorporate personality or aptitude tests.

At the end of the day, Shirley would then lead the discussion to carry out the scoring and select the appropriate candidate/s.

We can outsource the whole event for you, by issuing invitations on your behalf and can either train appropriate assessors within your organisation or bring in extra assessors to resource any assessment centre.

Also, we are able to make arrangements with an external venue, or suggest an appropriate one in your area if you do not have facilities to run this somewhere within your company, and can staff it for you.

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