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Absence & Occupational Health


Within the business, there is extensive experience of designing absence procedures which are effective in reducing both short and long-term absenteeism.

The 'toolkit' includes the 'Bradford factor', but there are other solutions which may be appropriate.

Discussions will take place to identify and advise you on the most appropriate course of action for your business, based on your past absence performance, benefit package, and practices.

This could include full implementation and roll-out, possibly including:-

  • Return to work interview training for your managers.
  • The intricacies of the 'fit note'.
  • Or merely producing a policy.

Often these policies interlink with an occupational health service, and Catherine is our associate in this field (

Occupational Health

Shirley has an 'in-depth understanding' of occupational health, having worked in industry where pre-employment medicals and follow-up tests have taken place as a matter of course. She has introduced and sourced these services.

Advice can be tailored to help you set up an occupational health service for your company, ensuring it is appropriate to your needs, keeping costs to a minimum by tailoring to only the services you need, rather than a full package.

The strategy would be to create preventative rather than re-active provision, which would encourage employee well-being and introduce practices to avoid stress. Wendy is our associate in this area (

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